Take back the backend

Generate your own fully functional backend server:

Step 1: Set project name and define your models
Step 2: Get the zipped server to your email
Step 3: Deploy to a hosting service such as Heroku or Digital Ocean
Have us host it for you!
Voila! You are running your own backend server!
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Generate Your Server

*required. Cannot be one of: application, destroy, plugin, runner, test

*required. We will send you the zip to this address
Within a day or two you will get the zip in your inbox. For Free.
We will host it for you and provide you with your endpoints. For 12$ per month.
Each model will be generated to a full Model-View-Controller:
There will be data tables based on your fields as well as REST endpoints and basic views.
Models will also have auto generated created_at and updated_at fields.
More information will be in the readme file accompanying the generated project.

id (auto)
created_at (auto)
updated_at (auto)
Host it for me
For 12$ a month we will host the backend server for you, providing you with the endpoints to create, update, delete and show your models.
How to deploy
1. First create a Github repository and add the folder to it. Note: the folder must be the root of the repository
2. Create a Heroku account and click New -> Create new app
3. Name your app and select region and click Create App
4. Under "Deployment method" select Github
5. Connect your repository
6. Under "Manual deploy" click Deploy Now
7. Wait for deploy to finish. Grab a cuppa, it might take a while...
8. Once deploy is done, you can find your app location under Settings -> Domains
9. Tip: enable auto deploys so every push to the main branch will deploy the new version: Deploy -> Enable Automatic Deploys
10. Tip: Upgrade to hobby to avoid database sleep and long response times
Digital Ocean
2. Create a Digital Ocean account and click Create -> Apps
3. Choose your github repository (you will need to give permissions)
4. Verify branch and click Next
5. Click add Database and select a PostgresSql db
6. Name your app and select region and click Next
7. Select plan and container and click Launch Basic App
8. Wait for deploy to finish. Grab a cuppa, it might take a while...
9. Go to Components -> db -> Connection Details and select Connection String
10. Copy the connection string
11. Go to Settings -> App-Level Environment Variables and click "Edit"
12. Set key to DATABASE_URL and the value copied on step 10 then Save
13. Wait for deploy to finish...
14. Go to Console and type "rake db:migrate"
15. Your app location should be at the top
Let us know what you think!
Encountered any issues? Have requests or thoughts on what we should add? Wanna chat about backend server generators?